How can you use biohacking technology to upgrade your mind and body, your cognitive and physical performance? And how did a poker game, along with an interest in biohacking and meditation, lead to Martin Tobias becoming the CEO of both Bulletproof Labs and Upgrade Labs?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more, in this podcast episode with Dave Korsunsky of Heads Up Health as he talks to Martin Tobias about Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs and what they offer to the biohacking community. Listen in to see how your health and life can improve by tracking and having accountability for your own health, even if you’re not anywhere near one of these state-of-the-art biohacking facilities. And whether you want to improve your workouts, lower inflammation, heal from injury, or just improve brain health, Bulletproof Labs and Upgrade Labs are leading the way.

Having a professional background and mind for data, Martin realized that there had to be a way to connect quantifiable health data to different inputs and find what works for individuals who want to make big gains in shorter amounts of time, a path that led him to Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof Labs.  

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How Martin Tobias found Dave Asprey’s 40 years of Zen but didn’t have $15k to do it; however, he won exactly $15k that night at a poker game, changing his life and leading to him running Bulletproof Labs [4:05]
  • Dave Korsunsky’s first N=1 experiment was doing a Bulletproof diet using DEXA scan and blood tests as biomarkers [8:30]
  • Why people need to know their data and learn what it means as the first step in any health journey [10:25]
  • “The medical system is set up for acute care, fixing people after they’re broken, not actually keeping them healthy” [11:25]
  • How Dave Asprey was using a spreadsheet and Martin thinking there had to be a better way which led to him learning about Heads Up Health at a conference [12:35]
  • Learn about the type of sessions and data they track and use at Upgrade Labs [13:35]
  • Dave talks about touring a Bulletproof facility, and what biohacking technology they use [14:25]
  • Martin’s favorite labs and how he’s quantified them [15:20]
    • Cold HIIT machine which increased Martins’ testosterone from 468 to 1098 in 2 weeks with just 2 total hours of exercise [15:55]
    • How blood testing is available onsite [18:45]
    • Breath EZ water machine to reduce oxidative stress, enabling you to have more power in your cells to use for exercise more intensely [20:05]
    • CVAC to give your cellular energy system a workout, which can increase your aerobic capacity [24:30]
    • Why hacking and stacking can benefit you [26:30]
    • Why meditating in a virtual float tank can put you into a theta state much faster [27:15]
    • Full body nitrogen based cryotherapy to -240º [30:15]
    • About infrared light beds and how they’re more effective than infrared saunas due to the distance from the body [32:00]
    • Why PEMF is great for recovery, discharging electrical energy like grounding but does it in just 12 minutes for a full electrical reset, speeding up healing time for injuries [33:15]
  • Learn what Dave at Bulletproof is doing to improve mitochondrial function [37:35]
  • How tracking with the Oura ring can show how poorly you sleep after a couple of drinks, even though you think you’re sleeping well [39:00]
  • About cold immersion therapy and how it can improve your REM sleep [39:45]
  • How quality of sleep is more important than quantity and how tracking can help you biohack your way to better sleep [40:30]
  • Dave Korsunsky found that using the Oura ring to track heart rate and varying last meal times affected heart rate and therefore sleep [41:45]
  • Where you can find Bulletproof Labs (Santa Monica) and the new company Upgrade Labs and how every new location from here on out will be called Upgrade Labs. (They have a pop-up at Nike in Hollywood currently, and the third location will be in Beverly Hills opening in September. Four more locations in LA and one in San Jose coming soon! [43:50]


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