Do you want to help your clients with sustainable weight loss and optimized outcomes using technology and telehealth? Then you’re in for a treat! ThreeHealth, a unique medical group, offers a weight loss solution like you’ve never experienced before. Rather than focusing on just the number on the scale, prepackaged food or an emphasis on dropping pounds quickly, ThreeHealth offers their clients sustainable weight loss with well-rounded support. Both in-person and/or via telehealth. Recognizing that metabolic and emotional issues go hand in hand, ThreeHealth combines behavioral and medical support along with advanced technologies to help modify behaviors and make sustainable weight loss changes. All without judgement and with utmost compassion.

Brad Butterfield, LMHCA, Brandy Wiltermuth, ARNP and Marlene Sexton, LMFT, all licensed medical professionals, make up the foundation of the ThreeHealth team. What makes ThreeHealth stand out is how they utilize advanced technology such as the Oura ring and Biosense breath testing, helping their clients track relevant biometrics and monitor progress, including medical records. All of this is tracked through Heads Up’s practitioner portal, creating customization within their patients’ protocols for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Join Heads Up Founder, Dave Korsunsky, and (NEW) Co-host, TJ Anderson, as they discuss ThreeHealth’s unique approach to sustainable weight loss with Brad and Brandy in this episode. You’ll learn more about the history and evolution of their weight loss approach, as well as what metrics they track, how they run their insurance-friendly cash-based practice, and why health coaches and practitioners also need to remember to use a bit of patience when helping clients with weight loss.

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“By the time they get to me, they’re ready to talk about the numbers and be curious about the data. And that’s what I love about Heads Up, the ability to show them trends that they can’t see. It’s been extremely helpful!”

– Brandy Wiltermuth

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • About Brandy Wiltermuth’s history working in a weight loss clinic 6-7 years ago getting great weight loss results, and frustration with the missing piece of the behavioral health aspect of dietary change [3:30]
  • How ThreeHealth’s program evolved, and the way telehealth is used due to the ability to track many different metrics that integrate into Heads Up where they can easily monitor their patient’s data remotely through their practitioner portal [6:00]
  • Brad Butterfield’s career path to the health industry after retiring in 2006 from an architectural firm to study behavioral health [7:25]
  • In 2018 Brandy Wiltermuth, Brad Butterfield and Marlene Sexton left the weight loss surgery practice they worked in and went to build their own weight loss practice [9:30]
  • More about the ThreeHealth program and how it works, including behavioral and medical health, tracking, and why they require patients to use them all in tandem [10:45]
  • In the program they built, the first three months they just work on three things: time, planning and tracking. Because it takes time to build a system for change, rather than just giving their clients weight loss advice right away [12:30]
  • Why Brandy’s focus throughout the entire program is on lean muscle mass while losing fat, which is more unique to their program, reminding people that they need to eat to lose weight [13:20]
  • More about the lean body mass that Brandy tracks and why she doesn’t just focus on the weight loss number alone [14:10]
  • That they do blood labs every 3 months and they’ve had patients come off of medications due to the significant improvements with their program [16:15]
  • How they offer both in-person and telehealth to support patient compliance [18:35]
  • Why Brad doesn’t believe in willpower to lose weight and why he utilizes strategies to help patients have sustainable weight loss and stay on track [19:30]
  • How 80-85% of patients they see are significantly addicted to sugar and there is a grieving process when it’s gone [20:20]
  • Why this method is not a diet. There is no start or end; its a lifestyle [22:55]
  • When it comes to sustainable weight loss, we have to go through, and not around, the issues that are holding people back physically and emotionally [24:55]
  • How ThreeHealth uses a cash/insurance/HSA hybrid approach and about their very low no-show rate with this business model [25:30]
  • About the integration of Oura and Biosense into their program and how and why sleep tracking helps with sustainable weight loss [30:55]
  • About the HRV that Oura tracks and how Brandy helps patients to see how their diet and lifestyle choices affect their overall wellness [34:40]
  • How seeing the data motivates patients to change and how patients are more compliant with the tracking because they know it helps their practitioner navigate what strategies to use to help them reach their goals [35:45]
  • Why treating tracking as a science project helps clients feel more empowered, rather than feeling oppressed by it (“It’s not judgmental, it’s curiosity.”) [37:15]
  • How ThreeHealth’s patients are navigating the on-boarding process of utilizing the tracking devices and Heads Up’s dashboard [39:35]
  • How they navigate the tracking for people who are too focused on scale numbers etc., and how they emphasize they just need to gather the data and their practitioners will interpret it, giving them the feedback they can understand [40:40]
  • Top tips for other coaches or doctors who want to support their patients with tracking from Brad and Brandy [42:10]
  • How Brandy used Heads Up to figure out why one patient’s weight loss was stalling, even though activity had gone up. Because she was able to remote-monitor, she could see that her protein consumption had decreased. “When in doubt, eat more protein” was how she as able to get her  patient’s weight loss moving again [42:35]
  • Brad’s advice to health coaches: “Don’t be filled with anxiety about the number and results…the weight loss will come. Take your time if you want good sustainable weight loss, as they didn’t gain it overnight. It takes time, but with education, behavioral habit work, and tracking, the patients really start to see how effective it is, several months in. Rapid weight loss is not sustainable.” [45:21]


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