The Human Longevity Project is not just a film series. It’s a wake-up call to those suffering from chronic illness and those who believe the eventual onset of chronic disease is unavoidable. By studying other cultures, and the elders in the communities of remote villages, this film sheds light on what is really important to establishing and maintaining health and how to live longer healthier lives.

This film series interviews not only the communities and their elders in over 50 different countries, but also professionals working in the various areas of medicine who are teaching the principles of what is necessary to maintain or regain health in our culture.

The western world is filled with convenience and ingenuity, but at what cost? Can we have the comfort of modern society but balance our innate desire to connect with the earth and one another to promote better health?

Listen in as Dave Korsunsky, founder of Heads Up Health, talks with Jason Prall, creator of The Human Longevity Project, about the film series on how we can adopt more simplicity, better quality food, and connection to our communities into our lives for better health.

Jason Prall is a Longevity and Optimal Health Practitioner in Southern California who worked as a mechanical engineer and struggled with his own health before finding his way to health and wellness. He helps people around the globe as an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and Health Optimization Practitioner.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Advice on how to live longer; the Human Longevity Project interviewed 9 countries of experts and elder populations to understand what life was like for them including birthing practices, childrearing, work, social aspects, and more
  • Why the aging we see in our Western world is not seen in other parts of the world
  • More about what can we do from a lifestyle perspective to manage health
  • About the difference between managing chronic disease and health
  • How societal influences affect what is accepted for health
  • That one of the biggest things Jason Prall learned was that “time wasn’t money” in the cultures with the best longevity, rather time was something to be cherished
  • How we can engineer our way back to simplicity through the use of biohacking devices because they offer trackable data to see what works for our unique bodies.
  • How finding your purpose helps increase longevity, but finding balance is important
  • About getting more of a calm, serene aspect into your life
  • Why technology we’ve created can is beneficial and not necessarily bad; we just need to find a way to balance it
  • How we have to take responsibility for all of our actions and be proactive to move forward with our health
  • Revolutions start with just 3% of the population changing
  • How EMF’s are impacting our health and how 5G will be a disaster if implemented on a wide scale, for our health
  • How Eastern traditions help balance our technologically intense society
  • Why we are losing the community aspect to our meals, and will have to recreate this in the future for human longevity
  • Why community trumps all the aspects of bio-hacking sleep, HRV, glucose, ketones, etc.
  • How lifestyle changes are quantifiable and thus changeable with Heads Up Health, Oura ring, and Elite HRV with tracking and other devices
  • How technology can help us connect to our innate intelligence of what we are feeling and what is going on in our body, so we understand what health actually feels like
  • Why we can’t go backward with technology so we have to learn to use it to our advantage in understanding how to live longer and healthier
  • How we see the world affects our health and if we are grateful for the opportunities that we have, we can overcome more of the health challenges


The Human Longevity Project

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