Are we literally jumping into a freezing cold lake just for the health of it?  Absolutely! Join Dave and Dr. John Limansky for this Quick Hits episode about the benefits of cold water therapy and how it can benefit you in reducing stress while costing you nothing. Be sure to watch the video!

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Welcome to the latest Quick Hits feature episode, delivering the quick and dirty details on topics that are important to you and your health. In 15 minutes or less, we’ll deliver important health info to you to keep your mind active whether you’re waiting in the carpool lane, on your morning commute, or fitting in a quick workout!

When was the last time you jumped into a cold lake, just for the fun of it? In this Quick Hits episode, Dave Korsunsky talks with John Limansky, MD, board-certified physician of Internal Medicine to discuss the stress-reducing, immune modulating, and therapeutic benefits of cold water immersion therapy.

We’re diving in quick to get you the big ideas and then we’ll provide you with some resources at the bottom of the page for further reading if you want to learn more.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • What cold water therapy is and why your body responds positively to specific stressors that stimulate your body short term [1:50]
  • How you can induce this hormetic stress with cryotherapy and cold immersion therapy in your home or outside in nature [3:00]
  • Why the immersion temperature for cold water therapy has to be below 50 degrees to initiate a hormetic stress response [3:30]
  • The differences between clinical cryotherapy (-200º) for 1-2 min. vs. cold water lake immersion (50º or colder) 5-10 min. [4:40]
  • Why you have to build up to it for it to be effective and not harmful [5:00]
  • How to recreate this effect in your bathtub [5:40]
  • That your body adapts its response, initially shivering in response to burning energy, and then non-shivering where biochemical changes happen. [6:00]
  • Why it’s vital to submerge deep enough to cover the vagus nerve (neck) and how covering your head can be even more beneficial [6:35]
  • Why studies show a reduction in blood pressure, cortisol, and positive changes in neurotransmitter levels [7:55]
  • How cold water immersion therapy can reduce inflammation and can increase dopamine 530% after one hour at about 57º study [8:25]
  • How biohacking with cold water therapy inhibits TNF-a, stimulates the immune system to include benefits similar to autophagy that happens when fasting as well as decreases inflammatory prostaglandins [10:00]
  • How cold immersion therapy helps with stress reduction and how doing it in a natural body of water has additional benefits [12:00]

Eat your own dog food

Check out this video where Dave and John take a dip into the balmy waters of Lake Tahoe at 42 degrees!


Link to cold water immersion video

STUDY: Human physiological responses to immersion into water of different temperatures

Dr. Limansky’s podcast: The Ketohacking MD   

Dr. Limansky’s website:

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