Why should you track your macros and how can it improve your health?

We’re excited to chat with Jason Loewy, the founder and CEO of My Macros+, a diet tracking app that integrates with Heads Up Health. This integration empowers people to take control of their health, giving people the ability to trend their health data over time.

A bodybuilder with a computer science degree, Jason built a nutrition tracking app after being frustrated by the lack of in-depth data about what he was eating. Wanting it to be customizable and not overwhelming, he created an app that a super-user, as well as a beginner, could use.

Find out more about My Macros+ here.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Tracking tips and tricks you may not be aware of
  • Why tracking and weighing your food is worth the effort
  • What motivated Jason to build this diet app and the technology used
  • How My Macros+ integrates with Heads Up Health
  • How the Heads Up Health integration can help you trend your health data over time, comparing metrics (e.g., carbohydrate intake to fasting blood sugar or ketones), and help you to see how what you’re eating affects markers of disease (e.g., inflammation levels)
  • My Macros+ newest coaching feature
  • Tips for entrepreneurs
  • Jason’s best practices for staying healthy
  • And much more!

Watch on YouTube

Check out the interview on YouTube where Dave and Jason share screens to show the integration between Heads Up Health and My Macros+, where you can track your macros along other health data (e.g., weight, blood sugar, ketones) that matter to you:


  1. MyMacros+ website
  2. MyWorkout+ website
  3. Jason’s Coaching Program
  4. Food scale
  5. KetoSavage (Robert Sikes)

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