Bob Troia, aka Quantified Bob, is the ultimate biohacker, tracking everything from weight, blood pressure – the usual things to glucose, hormones, HRV, effects of light therapy, and electric stimulation and more. On his blog, you’ll find his most popular post Mimicking the Fasting Mimicking Diet – My 5-day experiment which explains how he tricks his body into reproducing the effects of fasting while still eating!  How does one go about figuring out how this works? By testing, tracking, and understanding how to become the ultimate biohacker.

Bob describes himself as entrepreneur, biohacker, and self-quantification geek focused on the intersection of data-driven citizen science, health and wellness, human performance, longevity, and personal optimization. He offers consulting as well as coaching which you can learn more about through his website. You can also follow him on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

For those of you already tracking your health metrics through various devices, connect them easily to Heads Up Health to help you understand how to biohack your way to health in an increasingly unhealthy world.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How Bob started by documenting on his site about 6 years ago what his own data was showing, and people began wanting to replicate his experiments (n=1) [4:55]
  • About his epic fails. Bob does a lot of research before doing any of his experiences but has ended up in the hospital just based on a lack of knowledge so use caution when doing your own experiments and research [10:00]
  • How he used light therapy- infrared ordered from China and shined lights (120 watts) on his head for 20 min (too long) and went to work. 30 minutes later and he blinked while reading an email and looked up to a completely garbled screen. Something was stimulated, up or down-regulated, but still not sure what exactly happened [11:03]
  • Can have minor burns etc. from some experiments with biohacking fails. One lesson learned the hard way – too much MCT oil = running to the bathroom [13:00]
  • He learned nootropics don’t work for him, but they can be highly effective for others. This is why tracking can be beneficial to figure out what works for you [13:45]
  • About the PoV device and how it works to stimulate the muscles to override what your body is doing from an injury pattern [14:15]
  • How photobiomodulation can be used for mitochondrial upcharge before a workout or as a recovery tool. There are lots of variation between devices and what the effects can be [15:45]
  • How things that stimulate mitochondrial health are top of mind right now. There currently is no test that you can easily order to check these levels; however, there are some energy tests that you can use as a proxy to check the cellular energy of the body [17:45]
  • How you can use biohacking tools to optimize energy production and health in a toxic world to thrive [19:00]
  • Why it’s important to show up and meet the world where it is to elevate your health to the best possible [19:45]
  • Top blog post on Quantified Bob’s website [20:25]
    • Fasting Mimicking Diet which walks people through the diet, including nutrient guidelines, calculations, and diet plan, as well as the results of a 5-day experiment. He tracked glucose, blood pressure, sleep, HRV, and figured out which ones were worth tracking.
      • Benefits – shifting sympathetic to parasympathetic
      • Checked immune and growth markers
      • Had a dramatic uptick in testosterone
      • Saw elevated cortisol due to the stress on the body, but overall things were still better
      • He had vivid dreams, running on ketones in therapeutic ketosis rather than nutritional ketosis
      • How water fasting for 2-3 days produces a similar effect, but it’s not enough to get to the crazy dreams
  • The top metric Quantified Bob thinks is vital for tracking-GLUCOSE! [29:40]
  • Elite HRV CorSense’s ease of use and how it’s useful to track in addition to glucose [31:05]
  • Continuous glucose monitors and how they can provide so much information, but the technology is still a ways off for non-invasive technology for the general public to utilize. They show what’s happening at night for example, that you can’t easily monitor when you’re sleeping.  The pluses and minuses of what’s currently available on the market [32:43]
  • Quantified Bob talks about some of the devices and companies he has created and launched into the world [38:00 ]




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