If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic disease and have come up short on getting to the root cause with conventional medicine, then perhaps you’re looking in the wrong place.  Conventional medicine is great for acute injuries and infections, however, we must not overlook the aspect of nutritional healing through diet and targeted supplementation guided by functional testing as Dr. Darren Schmidt of The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor, MI offers in his practice.

Dr. Darren Schmidt has been a practicing chiropractor since 1997, who shifted his practice in 2005 to stop taking insurance to be able to help his patients more. Ironic, right? By letting go of the insurance restrictions and hoops to jump through, he was able to spend more time researching and better understand why his patients with chronic disease were not healing. He now spends time daily studying new information and links that are passed on through his patients.

In addition to running a full-time nutritional healing practice, he also runs The Good Fat Company and producing The Good Fat Bar and publishing a magazine Good Fat Life with Terry Duperon and Sherri Richards

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • About Dr. Darren Schmidt’s initial visits include a diet assessment and a muscle testing biofeedback method to do a quick assessment of what is going on in the body [5:35]
  • That the muscle testing he uses to gives a quick assessment in about 5 minutes and then he uses conventional labs to explore more of what is going on in the body [6:20]
  • How a VLDL >19 can indicate too many carbs or too many carbs + fat in the diet [7:00]
  • That triglycerides drop down first in ketosis, and that LDL is like a bus shuttling the fat. In ketosis, the body is using fats for fuel and so you can lower a very high triglyceride level to really good levels with dietary changes like a low-carb/high-fat diet. The LDL might go up in ketosis but it doesn’t matter the same way it does on a Standard American Diet [8:15]
  • About the Minnesota Coronary Experiment involving 9000 people in a controlled institution in the 70s who lowered their fat intake and the LDL went down over the course of years but it did not change their rate of heart attacks or heart disease. It did, however, raise all rate mortality and cancer [8:50]
  • How Dr. Darren Schmidt takes the average person and gets them into ketosis using Cronometer with macro adjusting and weekly support, in the beginning, to help them navigate things like the “keto flu” [9:40]
  • Men will lose their belly fat and gain muscle but their body weight will remain the same on keto [13:03]
  • How you can calculate your own VLDL if it’s not included with your results by taking total cholesterol minus LDL minus HDL = VLDL [13:55]
  • How he uses functional testing like the GI MAP and Genova stool test with DNA testing, and how diet can affect microbiome diversity [15:50]
  • How people can have a virus, fungus and a parasite in the body at the same time, and that he takes a whole body approach looking at your whole “bio-burden” and then coming up with a plan to address them all for whole body healing [17:00]
  • How you have to be your own detective, and why it’s only through tracking that you can see where things are going wrong and you have an opportunity to course correct before developing chronic disease [19:55]
  • That he wants patients to test ketones and glucose at the end of the day and see that glucose is coming down and ketones are going up using a Keto Mojo meter daily [23:15]
  • That 75% of kids between 14-19 have high insulin! [23:40]
  • How home testing for insulin would be the Holy Grail of at home testing, but we’re just not there yet in terms of technology to get that to market yet [23:50]
  • That functional testing on your own for glucose and insulin can empower you to make changes long before you’re actually given a chronic disease or diabetes diagnosis and put you in control of your health [25:00]
  • How Dr. Darren Schmidt also helps his patients support their bodies to function better through digestive support so that they can do a ketogenic diet and not have trouble digesting fats, etc. [26:10]
  • About how bad canola and other seed oils are for your health [27:15]
  • How Twitter poster Tucker Goodrich started improving his health by stopping seed oils, and how he talks about how China and India eat 70% of their calories from carbs which have stayed the same for decades. The big change for them over time was the introduction of seed oils which have skyrocketed diabesity, and heart disease rates, by getting rid of lard and coconut oil and replacing it with seed oils [28:00]
  • How eating a high-fat, low-carb diet can be great for your health but the quality of the fats can play a huge part in whether or not you’re actually promoting health [29:10]
  • How Nutrition Coalition Nina Teicholz is trying to get really good scientist on the panel to update food guidelines in 2020 [30:30]
  • About his company, The Good Fat Company created with a friend in the grocery industry. They created a bar that was high in fat and protein and low in carbs, and now they make the Good Fat Life Bar and publish Good Fat Life Magazine with Terry Duperon and Sherri Richards [30:55]
  • Clinical Pearl #1 from Dr. Darren Schmidt –
    • After he was diagnosed with black mold poisoning 3 years ago, he found the mechanism of chronic disease which was studied extensively from the 1840s to after WWII and it was forgotten after 1960, which he talks about extensively in his YouTube channel, but include:[32:42]
      • Pathogens
      • Toxins
      • Excess sugar consumption
    • Then address the mechanism of chronic disease and the symptoms that come from organ dysfunction. In his case the black mold caused heart pain, so he treated the heart and fed it and the muscles to get rid of the pain.
  • Clinical Pearl #2 – The importance of eating glands like liver, which you can take in pill form if you don’t like the idea of eating organ meats such as Heritage Glandulars or Ancestral Health
    • Glandulars can’t be taken every day for the rest of your life but must be cycled due to the hormonal component of the glands [35:55]
  • Toxins-heavy metal urine tests, Quicksilver Scientific has a test, chemical toxicity testing and then using something like Systemic Formulas detox box kits, or Cellcore Biosciences kits and retesting to make sure it’s cleared [36:30]
  • That it can take 2-5 years to get metals out and in some cases, he’s seen parasites  take a year and a half to clear [38:15]
  • Why biofeedback helps you develop an awareness of what is working and what is not by listening to your body more to optimize your health [39:12]
  • Clinical Pearl #3 – Fitness nutrition is human nutrition. The largest organ in the body is the muscles so you need to feed them properly. If your muscles are achy or cramping too much that means your whole physiology is off [40:45]
  • Clinical Pearl #4 – If your body is not taking in a particular nutrient, you can’t blame the food all the time, you have to look at your own physiology and what is not being supported [42:30]


Minnesota Coronary Experiment

The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Good Fat Life Magazine

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