In this podcast, Dave Korsunsky, founder of Heads Up Health talks with Carole Freeman (also known in the ketogenic world as “Keto Carole”) about understanding how to control your appetite better. Carole is a Certified Nutritionist with a dual Masters of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, as well as a licensed Hypnotherapist. Understanding the psychology of eating gives Carole a unique perspective on creating a personalized keto diet while bringing in a whole body approach to her work with clients.

Carole’s journey into the ketogenic diet world began after suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2014 where she was in debilitating chronic pain from a motor vehicle accident. She used her educational background to dig deeper into the research on ketogenic diets and how they can support brain health, and began modifying her own diet. As she began this therapeutic ketogenic diet to heal her brain, she also began to see a whole body transformation and knew she had to help others with this lifestyle.

Now, Carole runs a nine-week online coaching course to help individuals with metabolic issues to be successful in lowering their blood sugar, insulin, and other inflammatory markers through dietary changes.

What makes Carole’s program so successful — she has a weeks-long waiting list — is that she understands the psychology of what can sabotage a healing diet. She can anticipate the areas where clients may struggle and help to prevent them from having to go through the frustration that can sometimes occur.

Helping clients understand “their WHY” for staying motivated, as well as understanding why they feel like they can’t avoid some of the most sabotaging foods, empowers them to have the success that they haven’t been able to achieve on their own.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How you must address the psychology of eating and addiction to be able to be successful with any diet
  • About reward circuitry in the brain and the biology of cravings
  • Why Carole is passionate about wanting people to feel really great about themselves
  • How Carole sticks with keto
  • How dopamine is like a “Scooby snack”, rewarding us for doing something that keeps us alive like eating, sex, etc
  • How dopamine can increase just by being in a familiar place, or with a particular person whom you’ve done certain things with, like eating sweets 
  • How habits that are deeply ingrained have moved into the part of the brain that is reflexive and becomes automatic, which is why situations can trigger cravings
  • Why awareness of the dopamine response can keep you from sabotaging your diet, and how in the moment it’s almost impossible to resist it
  • How changing behaviors may be necessary (e.g., taking a different way home to avoid seeing fast food triggers)
  • Why avoiding things that affect all of the five senses is important in retraining your brain and habits
  • Why connecting how people are feeling to what they are eating is important
  • How food addiction is like any other addiction, and that situations as much as exposure to certain foods can sabotage even the most strong-willed person
  • That stress is the biggest catalyst to fall back into old habits
  • How she uses stress relief techniques to keep people on track with the keto diet
  • How food manufacturers employ scientist to create the most addictive foods and influence consumers’ diets and health
  • About the Dorito challenge that Carole used to use in her private practice
  • Why it’s important to remember “your WHY” and to keep it front and center in your mind to stay on track
  • Why you should make your keto lifestyle public and let it become part of your identity
  • How community — being around others doing the same thing — keeps you on track
  • About Carole’s intake process for new clients, and how she works with clients
  • How you can use Heads Up Health to track your own journey and metrics to take your health into your own hands


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