Dr. Molly Maloof is a leading biohacker and physician who is radically shaping the future of healthcare. Her innovative concierge medical practice in Silicon Valley is dedicated to extending the human lifespan through medical technology and educational media. 

Her interests in data-driven wellness and optimizing personal health inspired her to publish her upcoming book, The Spark Factor, where she dives into groundbreaking discoveries about biohacking for women. As an esteemed speaker, consultant, and educator, Dr. Maloof is an undeniable inspiration to the medical community as she continuously paves pathways to better understanding of our bodies and how we can improve human health.

Join us for this week’s episode as Dr. Maloof shares the struggles of being an innovator, the importance of human connection, and her vision for the future of healthcare.

HIGHLIGHTS Of The Data Driven Podcast

[3:09] Dr. Maloof’s Experience With Nad Patches and IV Therapy

[7:04] Dr. Molly Maolof‘s Background in Medical Training and Personal Practice

[10:10] The Secret to Being Comfortable With Risk

[14:00] How Heads Up is Changing the Future of Personal Health

[15:23] Dr. Molly’s Work on the Science of Love

[18:57] On the Psychospiritual Side of Sex

[20:57] Dr. Maloof’s Vision for the Future of Medicine

[24:15] The Exciting Field of Metabolic Therapy

[28:19] Biohacking for Women

[31:38] Mastering Our Stress Responses

[32:24] How Social Connection Affects Our Health

[34:40] How Dr. Molly Started Her Biohacking Journey and Turned Things Around

[39:26] Identifying the Root Cause of Most Metabolic Diseases and Mental Health issues

[41:14] How HeadsUp Came to Be Helpful For Practitioners

Learn more about Dr. Molly Maloof’s work over here:

Website: https://drmolly.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmolly.co

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mollymaloofmd

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