Shawn Bean is a Clinical Nutritionist who has a mind for putting the puzzles pieces of complex cases, like mold and Lyme, together. His unique ability to see the big picture and link symptoms to genetic expression is forward-thinking. Moving away from a specialist mentality to offer more generalist type care, says Shawn Bean, is the way we’ll begin to repair our health. Using specialized tests like the Organic Acids Test, he dives into each one for connections that can’t be made with a typical glance of “normal”/”not normal” lab results.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition from West Chester University, Shawn Bean continues to further his own education through PubMed articles, genetic studies and more to help clients, practitioners and doctors to put the pieces of these complex puzzles like mold or Lyme exposure together to begin the healing for their bodies.  Together with Michael McEvoy, Shawn Bean runs a mentorship — Metabolic Healing –where they teach other practitioners how to utilize these tools, like the Organic Acids Test, to take their clients and patients toward health and healing. He also sees clients in his private practice at Matrix Health.

Shawn believes that AI and self-tracking can open up insights for individuals that would never have been able to access these insights. He also offers support for those who need help understanding what will take them the 60-100% of the way that tracking alone and self-investigation may not be able to take you. 

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • About Shawn Bean’s role models: Arnold Schwartzenegger and Frank Zane. How he learned to change his body from a pretty in-shape guy to a pre-contest guy in 16 weeks, doing it with a healthy mindset [4:10]
  • That Shawn Bean’s health journey really began after his last bodybuilding show. After years of exposure to mold, it was a gradual decline. He found himself with an out-of-sync circadian rhythm which led to weight gain [6:07]
  • How he used to train in a basement that would flood with water in the 1980s where he was initially exposed to mold. Later, exposed to black mold, everything went down from there [8:02]  
  • How he lost 100 lbs lean muscle tissue in 9 months and got depressed. Then after a GI test, discovered he had infections in his gut. This led to hormone replacement therapy, including testosterone and thyroid hormones [9:00]
  • After looking online for answers, he found himself in PubMed articles where he realized he could put patterns together fast [10:20]
  • What looked to be a curse turned into a blessing. Diagnosed around age 40 with Aspergers, Shawn has been able to bring his body back to a better balance through genetic support and other supports [12:50]
  • “There are too many specialists out there and not enough generalists.” [15:15]
  • How Shawn Bean doesn’t ask his clients to fill out questionnaires. He knows it’s hard to fill out paperwork when you’re chronically ill. Instead, he asks them to use a timeline and describe what they think is wrong with them [17:02]
  • He breaks health issues down into three pillars: environmental, emotional and pathogens [18:00]
  • What trans-generational issues encompass and how they can show up in children and their parents based on family experiences including autism [18:40]
  • Why focusing on the parent’s preconception risks will reduce genetic expression in future generations by addressing nutrient deficiencies, emotional traumas, and toxicities, gene expression, etc. [20:04]
  • The Organic Acids Test (OAT) has markers that can help tell if you have stored or active mold in your system through a marker for cell permeability off of the phosphatidylcholine pathway. If you’re heterozygous or homozygous for MTHFD1 or PEMT the cell will lock up and go into a danger response and will hold onto that material and not let it go. You store toxins in the tissues, as the body is trying to protect you from the damage [21:15]
  • Trans-generational stress can go back 16 generations according to some studies. For example, if Shawn tracks a person’s heritage back and finds that they’re Native American they are going to have a higher rate of PTSD, as well as descendants of Holocaust survivors [22:30]
  • How quantum healing allows one person to do the spiritual/emotional/energetic work and affect multiple generations positively [24:05]
  • Shawn and Dave discuss Ayahuasca, mushrooms and other plant-based modalities to help heal trans-generational traumas [24:45]
  • Shawn utilizes the Organic Acid Test by Great Plains, DUTCH Complete hormone test, and general bloodwork to narrow down if clients are dealing with pathogens, toxins, gut dysbiosis, fungal, mold, yeast, candida, h. pylori, etc. The Organic Acid Test helps to show genetic expression, rather than to test genes specifically which he finds most useful over standard genetic testing like 23 and Me [28:02]
  • The problem with functional medicine is that it’s still not looking at the whole big picture, but focusing instead on a specialty.  “Mast cell activation is becoming the new MTHFR” [32:15]
  • “The issue I’m seeing with these complex cases is that they fall into what is called protocols or Standards of Care.” Hear more about why these are important, but also how they are also limiting in the complex cases [34:25]
  • AI is phenomenal but there has to be human interaction to take you the last 60-100% [36:50]
  • How Shawn can find Lyme with a probability of 70%, for less than $16 [40:42]
  • How Michael McEvoy and Shawn Bean run a mentoring group for practitioners where they teach these concepts [46:10]
  • The testosterone-estrogen ratios and how they have affected Shawn Bean for years and how he works to support it, and why the sub-ratio patterns matter [48:50]
  • One of the first things you can do is to look at your water source. Are you drinking good water? Visit to find out more about your water supply and what toxins are in it [54:00]
  • Having a gene doesn’t necessarily set you on a certain fate like mold toxicity or Lyme disease, but looking at the gene expression and the presenting symptoms is where you heal [54:30]
  • Why Facebook groups for chronic illness can either be a blessing or a curse [57:00]
  • “The more we move away from nature, the sicker we become.” [58:30]
  • Those with NAT gene expression are more EMF sensitive as it fuels the adrenal pathway [58:50]


Metabolic Healing Institute – Metabolic Healing Practitioner Mentoring

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